Window Press Club

Window Press Club unlocks your book’s real potentials by stepping away from the common self-publishing companies’ trends, usual steps, and stale platforms.

Self-publishing companies have evolved and sprung like mushrooms. While we see the boons that self-publishing houses and DIY publishing companies offer, we cannot discount the fact that every author has bigger dreams and road maps in living and sharing their stories to the widest audience possible.

A report from Bowker shows more than 725K self-published works registered in 2015. It is true that creativity is limitless that’s why there are thousands of titles coming in every now and then. The true face of challenge is how each title gets the right placements in the hands of the readers, filmmakers, libraries and bookstore owners. How do authors stand out and earn shelf space?  Is the definition of publishing success linked to how ‘The Big Five’ traditional houses offer prestige or validation by the industry?

Window Press Club uncloses the books’ better scale and landscape than typical self-publishing business models. It is equipped with the facilities to reach out to major international and domestic markets, International Licensing Translation Agents, studio executives and book investors.  The teams of publicists and marketing experts have had the experiences needed to break the barriers of putting the titles in front of the key players in the publishing trends. The team believes that every author and genre deserves analytical and careful deliberations before being positioned ahead of the competition. What the authors feel and assured of is the press club’s transparent journey and reliable sources of publishing channels in every step of the way.

Window Press Club delivers its utmost commitment: to build authors’ satisfaction and bring out the best in every published story. With millions of books available for the global readers, Window Press Club aims to work with authors whose drive is beyond the basic publishing experience – those who are confident with their work and to name the truth, those who truly need professional support and result-driven marketing platforms that appeal the reach of traditional publishing houses and movie production companies. It all starts with the proven network, an author-centered approach and lifelong collaboration for the authors and the organization’s ultimate destination.


Marketing Services

From Digital Media to Traditional Media, our vast array of marketing platforms are developed to build your author brand and create awareness about your book.