Our vast array of marketing service are aimed to optimize the book’s genre specific directions. From the global announcements to targeted multiple outlets of decision-makers and book investors, we provide the strategized partnerships by extracting the advantages of self-publishing and aggressively promoting your book to a higher level of exposure.

More than ten years of experiences in the publishing industry equips the team of marketing specialists from different nations to come in full swing to achieve what many self-publishing companies may find too lofty or difficult to fulfill:

  • The plausibility to have a shelf space in physical bookstores
  • The reality of seeing the characters of the novel in live or portrayal of actors and actresses
  • The proven and tested secret-trade of literary agents and publicists’ paying attention to the queries
  • The effective approach of being noticed by traditional publishing houses and scrutiny of the titles for potential acquisition
  • The legacy for the book to be a part of respectable magazines or newspapers


Radiates cost-effective and efficient marketing steps to carry out announcements to media outlets with the book critics’ endorsement and online book reviews.


It is expertly crafted to fuse the elements of news outlets and book endorsements. Plus, a publicist’s professional touch to send query letters and endorse your book to different traditional publishing houses.


Raises the bar and stands out by combining essential and prestigious magazine placements anchored by best-selling authors. Be fully-supported with a radio interview, social media blast, book reviews, and website creation.


The ultimate strategy to captivate the readers with the unique, unprecedented presentation of your book through the directorial debut/ film clip that is professionally portrayed by live actors/actresses. It is equipped with global media announcements and social media

Our Marketing Platforms

Media Announcement
Book Reviewers’ Endorsements
Online Reviewers
Magazine Ad and Placement
Website Setup
Endorsement To Literary Agents
Social Media Announcements
Publicity Campaign
Compensation Marketing
Hollywood Book Review
Cinematic Book Trailer with Real Actors


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